Team Bio's

Bill Smith
Group leader/Lead Investigator
My interest in the paranormal began when I was 12 years old. A friend of mine died and I saw her ghost that night.  She tried to communicate with me and the clothes she wore is what she had on two days later at the funeral home. I've also lived in a couple of haunted houses, where paranormal activities were afoot. I’ve had many dealings with ghosts. I’m an ex-military special operations soldier, and hold a degree in  psychology. As a spec op’s soldier, I received great leadership training.  One of my greatest reasons for investigating is to prove there is an after life, and to do it in a professional and scientific manner. I believe our team can and will function in this manner, and I am proud to serve with the members of PIT.  Anything we do will be to the best of our ability, and we will accept any challenge.

Justin Smith

Founder/Case Manager


         My Name is Justin and I am the founder of PIT.  Ever since I was little, I always thought I was weird because the paranormal seemed to follow  me around.  My great grandfather was a mason and believed in the paranormal.  I believe that might be  be the reason why these occurrences seem to follow me.  My grandfather died when I was 3 years old, and I wish to someday find him.  This is my reason for trying to find the mysteries of the spirit world. I started PIT, along with my best friend Mike (see Mike's profile). We met in Barker and I said to him “lets investigate the paranormal, and cemeteries”.  I started experiencing the paranormal when I was 6 years old in an old haunted inn that was part of the Underground Railroad. Strange occurrences happened in the house which scared me, and I didn’t know what to think because of how old I was. In my room, there was a door that went to an unfinished 2-story garage attic. I saw lights around the outside of the door, and would hear knocking and jiggling on the knob. Since then, I’ve run into other paranormal incidents that occurred while on ghost hunts in cemeteries. Ever since then, hunting has been a blast and a thrill. I hope to one day prove that ghosts are real and that there is an afterlife after all.

Mike Goodlander
Co-founder/Head Tech.
                       I am one of the founders of P.I.T. with my associate, Justin, and also the lead technical advisor for the team. currently I'm attending RIT.Both my father and  grandfather worked with computers, and I’ve been working with them for years. It all started about the year 2000, when we first started to ghost hunt.  After that I was hooked. I have met many nonbelievers. They have tried to steer me away from ghosts, but I keep coming back. My first paranormal encounter was at the Quaker Cemetery in Barker, NY.  The most recent was in my house when I was playing a game, I could here someone or something typing on the computer in the other room.  At first, I thought nothing of It, but then it became more and more frequent. So I went to take a look and saw that there was no one there.

Erik Artman                                                             Thermal Imaging Specialist/Investigator


         My interest in paranormal phenomenon started when I was nine years old. I was outside of my house with my mother and dog when I heard the most ear shattering, bloodcurdling scream. The strange thing about this is that I was the only one that heard it. I don't know what it was, but from that point on, I have been tuned into strange occurrences. Besides this event, I have also seen apparitions and orbs, felt strange presences, and have had precognitive dreams.

Aaron Smith

A/V Coordinator/Tech.

I’ve always enjoyed working with cameras and video equipment.  I’ve even made a few movies, and used to help my father with all his videos. I started ghost hunting with my brother Justin, when he first started PIT. One of my best pictures is the one I shot at the Cold Springs Cemetery of a ghost coming out of a tombstone. And my best video shot was of an orb touching a member’s hand. My goal in the team is to catch a full blown apparition on film. I also ghost hunt to prove there’s an afterlife and to document the workings of our team.

Alex Tomin

Investigator/Temperature Specialist

My Paranormal experiences started when I was 6 year old child living in Russia. I saw what I thought was a ghost or a demon. Ever since then, I’ve had an interest in finding out if the after life is real and this is my reason for ghost hunting. I’m from the Republic of Belarus, formerly the USSR (Eastern Europe), and I’ve lived here for 3 years. I first started ghost hunting with the team on the Cold Springs Cemetery hunt and was taught to use the temperature gauge. I thought it was interesting and fun, and was surprised when I caught some extreme temperature changes. Now I look forward to ghost hunting and proving  that ghosts do exist.

Andrew Smith
Investigator/EMF Tech.              (our comedian)
I started with the team at Cold Springs Cemetery and the first piece
of equipment that I used was the EMF meter.  It was fun and I’ve
used it ever since.  I lived in a few haunted houses and heard  a lot of stories from my brothers. I like being part of the team because we all work so well together.  Some day, I’d like to prove that
ghosts do exist, and there is an afterlife.

Kristi Krantz
Case Handler/Investigator